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Catechism for Card Games

In this tutorial series we’ll show you how to get started with a set of new, new and improved cards that are all designed for beginners.The cards in this series

Why you should care about the coronavirus vaccine

Vaccine maker Cargill announced today that the US market has seen record-high numbers of children who were fully vaccinated for the vaccine and the company is looking to increase that

What’s next for Booray?

Boorays is the game that got the crypto world buzzing.Boorax, a card game by developers at Bitpay, was announced in early 2018 and it has been a success since then.The

How to text ‘card game store’

A few weeks ago, I went to a game store.It was packed, but I was excited.It’s the sort of place that, if you’re a casual card-gaming fan, you can easily