A series of new card games for PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 are out this week.

We’re playing them and why we think they’re awesome.1.

Werewolf in The UK – Werewolf in England – Werewolf London and Werewolf in Wales – Werewolf Berlin.

Both are available now from the PS Store.

This is a UK exclusive.2.

Werewolf: The Forsaken – Werewolf: Blood Ties – Werewolf Blood Tied.

These are both available now.3.

Werewolf 2 – Werewolf 2: Blood of the Werewolf.

A brand new, pre-order bonus expansion to the first game.4.

Werewolf 3 – Werewolf 3: The Wolf of Wall Street.

This one’s available now, so grab it if you can.5.

Werewolf 4 – Werewolf 4: Bloodlines.

A pre-orders bonus expansion.6.

Werewolf 5 – Werewolf 5: Blood Trails.

This expansion will come to PS4 and Xbox One this month.7.

Werewolf 6 – Werewolf 6: The Last of the Living.

This new expansion is coming to Xbox One in March.8.

Werewolf 7 – Werewolf 7: The Rise of the Wolf.

This will be the fourth expansion for the game.9.

Werewolf 8 – Werewolf 8: The Black Moon.

A new expansion for Werewolf 8.10.

Werewolf 9 – Werewolf 9: The Night of the Serpent.

This upcoming expansion for a game set before the events of Werewolf 8, Werewolf 9 will be available in March, and is currently on pre-purchase.11.

Werewolf 10 – Werewolf 10: The Hunt for the Black Moon, a pre-release bonus expansion for this upcoming expansion.12.

Werewolf 11 – Werewolf 11: The Blood of Wolf.

A full game, preorder bonus, prequel to this new expansion, which will be released in March and is on prepurchase in April.13.

Werewolf 12 – Werewolf 12: The Dead Man’s Chest.

A newly-announced expansion to Werewolf 12.14.

Werewolf 13 – Werewolf 13: The Return of the Black Queen.

A special pre-game bonus expansion that is available now for the PC and Xbox Store.15.

Werewolf 14 – Werewolf 14: The Beast in the Snow.

This DLC pack will come out in March this year.16.

Werewolf 15 – Werewolf 15: The Burning Hell.

A DLC pack coming out in April that will feature the story of the game’s final boss, The Demon King.17.

Werewolf 16 – Werewolf 16: The Nightmare of the Demon King, the next DLC pack that will be coming out this year that features the story and lore of the final boss of the first three games.18.

Werewolf 17 – Werewolf 17: The Dark Knight Returns.

This game is coming out on Xbox One, PS4 & Xbox 360 in March next year, with an exclusive new story mode.19.

Werewolf 18 – Werewolf 18: The Devil’s Hand.

A free pre-ordered DLC pack for this game coming out next year that includes the story, new character classes, and new bosses.20.

Werewolf 19 – Werewolf 19: The Shadow of the Witch, the game is out next month on Xbox, PS3 & Xbox One.

This pre-painted figure will be exclusive to that platform.