In a new article, Vice News reports that cards like the one above, which was designed for a card game called Tragos, are worth up to $100.

The cards, which feature cards that look like Tragos’ original artwork, are currently sitting at the website for around $1,000 apiece.

They are also available for sale for as low as $5 on eBay.

Vice News notes that the game cards have been available online for around a month, and the seller, who goes by the name of “tragos_r,” has posted more than 100 different versions of the cards, from the original one to several new ones.

In addition to being a card-game themed card game that features an illusionist named Tragos as a player, Tragos is also a role-playing game.

The Tragos card, which is listed as being sold as a $1.99 game card, is one of the most popular cards in the Tragos game card collection.

The card, released last year, features a card with the title, “Tragos the Accursed, the most hated character in all of Magic,” which is a reference to the character in Magic: The Gathering.

In addition to Tragos being a roleplaying card game character, Trados is also the name given to the evil wizard from the Lord of the Rings series.

Tragos, who is played by Kevin Sorbo in Tragos: The First Wizard, has a very bad reputation among players, and is often associated with evil.

The Tragos cards, though, have a very positive reputation.

They have become popular in the game card game card market because of their ability to be used as a card in Tragic Tricks.

In other words, Tragic Trick cards can be used to make Tragos a less appealing character.