A new game has been developed by Walmart for the holidays and is designed to be fun, accessible and entertaining for everyone, the company announced Monday.

The game, called “Hacker Hugs,” uses a new kind of card-game called “epic” games, which are usually about as big as a deck of cards, to simulate what a real-life hacker might do.

Walmart says the game is available in all 50 states, and offers “great value for your time, as well as for your money,” as you can use it to play with your family or friends.

It’s a card game that lets you “play the cards you want,” according to a Walmart spokeswoman.

You can use the app to download cards and try them out in your own game.

“The card game lets you play the cards your friends and family love and like, or just throw them away,” the company said.

The company is also making the game free for 30 days and making it available to all U.S. customers, as a way of offering a holiday gift.

The company says the “Hackers” game has an average score of 3.9, a score that indicates how fun a game is.

It also says the store has been able to increase the number of downloads of the game since launching it.

“We can’t wait to see what you come up with,” the statement said.

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