What if you could play a video game as a movie, a movie that could then be watched by the people who actually got it?

This is what a new game called Whiskey & Co. is hoping to do with a video-game version of the iconic video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The company says its Whiskey card game uses the same mechanics as the real Zelda games, but with a twist.

The result is a game where you play as Link, Zelda’s avatar, and a handful of other characters who are all voiced by the same actors, according to a press release.

Whiskey’s creators are hoping to launch the game sometime next year, with a release window of spring 2018, according the press release, which lists an initial launch window of March 2021.

Whispers of a Whiskey Card Game have been around for years, but in a recent press release they were updated to reflect the latest updates.

As the title suggests, the game lets you play the same game in a movie-style movie-like setting, with the player using the phone to interact with the character who appears in the video.

The player can take control of different characters, like Link, who is playing the role of Zelda.

The characters can be voiced by actors like Sam Witwer and Jason Sudeikis, who are also voicing the characters in Breath of Wild.

In addition to using the smartphone’s screen, you can also play the game in the real-time, but unlike Breath of The Wild, you don’t get to see the character’s character model or animations.

As a result, the video-gaming Whiskey will be a new experience, but it’s not a completely different game.

The Whiskey cards are the cards that represent Link’s character, so it will also work in a similar way to how the cards in Breath.

In the Whiskey game, the characters all have unique abilities that you can use in order to get the best out of the game, according a Whisperer who asked to remain anonymous.

You’ll also have access to new and improved cards, like the Zelda cards, which have new skills.

The game will feature a “different way of play” for the players, and the game will have its own set of abilities that players can use, like its own character customization options, according Whisperers.

The developers are also looking at adding more cards, such as the “special hero” cards that are the main characters’ special abilities.

The cards in the game are also customizable, as you can choose how to play them, like you could have Link only attack certain enemies.

In this way, the Whispereers hopes to provide players with a new type of gaming experience that doesn’t rely on the traditional role-playing method, like Breath of a Wild.

Whisperes team is currently working on adding more characters, so the game should eventually be playable in a larger format.

But it will take time, so fans who want to try out the game now might want to wait a little longer.

The developer, which was founded by former Valve employee and longtime game designer, Ryan Wold, said Whispeers cards will feature three types of cards: the standard, the special, and “bronze.”

The special cards are used to add new abilities, like when you take out certain enemies, and can be used in the same way as the regular Zelda cards.

The standard cards can be played by anyone, and are more of a standard-game-style experience.

Whisperreers cards are still being worked on, so they’re not completely finalized, but Whispearer told VentureBeat that Whispeakers cards will be playable on consoles and PCs, as well as in mobile apps.

The video-games Whispeares card game is similar to how Zelda cards work, but will feature some unique twists.

The special heroes will also be able to use certain abilities, and there will be cards with different kinds of abilities to give players more control over their character, like having the ability to use a bow.

Whisrearer is currently in the process of adding more new cards to the game.