Epic Games has announced that it will sell more to fans in the US than any other card game publisher in history.

The company announced that its first ever card game Epic Heroes of Legend will sell in the United States at a price of $19.99, beating out Magic: The Gathering by $3.99 per copy.

The price of the game will increase in the future, but the game’s creators, Epic Games Inc. and developer Nivara Games, have said that they expect the price to remain at $19 a copy until the end of 2019.

This is a huge win for gamers everywhere, said Epic Games CEO Greg Krahulik in a statement.

It’s a win for everyone who has ever been a fan of Epic Games or Nivars games and it’s a great gift for our fans who have waited decades for the next great card game.

Epic Heroes is the first card game from the developers of Epic Mickey, which was the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) to be released in 1994.

The release of the first Epic Heroes game was a watershed moment in the history of the online MMORPG market.

In 2017, Epic released Magic: the Gathering Online, a massively multiplayer game that became a billion-dollar company with a market cap of $4 billion.

In 2018, the company also released Epic Cards, an online card game with more than 1.5 million cards.

The new Epic Heroes, released in 2018, is the company’s first ever expansion pack, which will add new cards, a new game mode, a brand new tutorial system and more.

The game will be available for a $19,999 purchase.

The expansion pack includes new heroes, a whole new tutorial and more, including a brand-new game mode that allows players to build a deck of cards and build a card-slinging experience for themselves.

The company says the game is playable on iOS and Android, with the app now available for both Windows and Mac.

Players who purchase the expansion pack will also get a free download of the card game’s new tutorial.

Krahulis statement was not available immediately for comment.

Epic Games plans to make more expansions in the near future, including one that includes an entire new campaign for the game, an expansion called Epic Heroes: New Dawn, and more expansions to come.

The $19 per copy price will be higher than any previous price for the expansion, which is set to be available on June 23.