Here are the steps to making a $100,000 card game: 1.

Pick a game type.

Most games require that players place cards face down on the table.

That is the easiest and fastest way to make money.

If you are making a card game for kids, make it a card table game.

A child could easily put his or her hand on the board and play it as they play with other cards.

The game should be about fun, and not something you can buy on a regular basis.


Pick up a copy of the game.

You can buy a copy from a store for $10.

You might want to buy a second copy if you plan to sell the game later.


Buy your own cards.

You could buy a dozen or so cards in bulk.

If they are hard-to-find, or if you are not sure how to cut and paste them into the game, you can also buy them online or print out the cards yourself.


Put the cards together.

It’s best to start with a blank sheet of paper.

That way, you don’t have to do much to assemble the game itself.

After you have the cards in your hands, you will need to lay them out as shown in the photo below.

Then, draw on the sheet.

It is also helpful to have your kids help you draw the cards, which is often easiest with someone they trust.


Put your cards face up on the card table.

You may want to put the cards face-down on the cards themselves.

They will be harder to fold, and will have a lot more information printed on them.

You don’t need to put them face-up, but it is good to do it to ensure you have enough cards to cover the game’s rules.


Add the game rules.

Make sure the cards are arranged so they cover the entire game board, and that you have plenty of room on the tables for your cards.

That includes the pieces on the bottom of the card, so they can be folded and put into the baggie.


Make a box.

If the game will take a lot of time to play, you may want a box to store it in.

If so, make sure it fits the board so it won’t move around when you play the game with it. 8.

Fold the cards.

Fold them up into a triangle.

You will want to fold all the cards and then add them into a ring that is about 1/2 the width of the board.

That will help you keep track of the amount of cards in the ring.


Put them all in a baggie and seal it.

The bags should be the size of a regular, non-perishable grocery bag.

The size of the bag will help keep the game organized and the games’ pieces separated.



You now have a game that is much easier to make and easier to sell.

This is a great way to get the game into schools and libraries, where it could be played by kids in a classroom setting.

You also have a fun game to play with friends, who can play the fun and educational game for hours.

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