Miami-Dade’s Patience Card Game and Collectibles stores are closing as part of the company’s transition to a virtual reality store model.

The company’s Patient store in West Miami opened in June and has attracted a steady stream of customers.

“Patience is a company that’s been around for 30 years,” said Steve Schoonover, vice president of operations.

“The fact that we’re not in the virtual space is just part of that evolution.”

Patience closed its Miami-area stores in late November.

The move comes amid concerns that virtual reality is beginning to take over retail spaces and, as a result, it’s harder to get customers in stores.

Patience, which is owned by Universal Orlando, said in a statement that it will continue to offer a wide variety of Patience-themed merchandise, including apparel, books, collectibles and more.

“The Patience team is grateful for the loyal customers who have embraced Patience,” the company said.

“We look forward to bringing the Patience experience to a whole new audience.”

Read morePatience’s Patients, who can access the store by calling a toll-free number, will continue attending events, participating in a variety of activities, and purchasing collectibles.