Donald Trump’s election campaign has been a hit with a worldwide following.

But its creator says he’s not done yet. 

In a new podcast interview with The Atlantic, game designer Tom Bohn tells the story of how he got his first taste of the game he created, Trump Card Games. 

“My mom, she’d gone to the movies when I was in seventh grade,” Bohn said.

“She’d never seen a movie in her life, but I’d seen a lot of movies in my early twenties, and I loved ‘The Deer Hunter’ and ‘Catch-22,’ so I thought that was cool.”

The game’s original concept was based on the fictional character Donald Trump, whose real-life name is James T. Garfield.

But as the campaign went on, Trump became less and less relevant.

“I remember a couple of days in January, when it was like, ‘Oh my god, Donald Trump is no longer relevant,'” Bohn recalled.

“And I was like ‘Oh, my God, Donald was an asshole!'”

In the early stages, Bohn was planning to make a political card game called Trump Card Wars, which he said would be more like the “real-world” Trump Card games he’d seen in his childhood.

“It was just so surreal.

We were just thinking about the people who voted for Donald Trump and the people whose families were affected by Trump,” he said. 

But then the Trump Card game was born.

Bohn described it as “the Donald Trump card game of the 21st century.” 

“The Trump Card has been the game of my life,” Biskos said.

The idea came to him as he was writing a piece for a magazine, and it just clicked.

“What would happen if Donald Trump was on a presidential campaign?”

Bohn told the Atlantic.

“Who wouldn’t want to play it?”

After the election, Bonomos decided to bring Trump Card Worlds to market. 

Bohn, who now works at The Atlantic Media Group, and two of his friends got together to talk about the game’s future.

Bonomo, who’s the director of games at Daedalic Entertainment, said they decided to go with a new game mechanic.

“We decided that we wanted to have something that’s like a real-world game,” he explained.

“So, in the end, we chose a new mechanic.”

Bohn said he’s excited to share his new game with fans.

He said he hopes that he can “help inspire people and inspire us to think in new ways.”

For Bohn, the game represents a return to what he calls “a different kind of game.”

“It’s not just about being competitive,” he told the magazine.

“You have to be thinking creatively, and you have to have an open mind and to think about the world as a whole.

You have to feel like you have a stake in it.

It’s all about taking risks and having fun.” 

The game is currently available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Trump Card Games is still in development.