Klamatha Falls Card Games is looking for volunteers to play its new Klamas card game, which takes place in a fictional town in the Pacific Northwest, with its own unique storyline.

The Klonda Cards are a new breed of card game.

Players use their cards to build a town, which includes buildings and buildings to defend.

Each player will play one of their cards as a mayor to keep the peace, to build defenses, and to get the locals to play their cards.

It’s the first of many card games in Klamaths history.

“We’re trying to create a card game where you’re actually building a city from the ground up, and building the people that live in your city and building your businesses and building all the things that make Klamassus unique,” said game designer and Klama Cards creator David Zavala.

“It’s a different type of card-based game.”

The Klamastan Cards have been in the works for years, Zavampa said.

“The idea is that we want to create an experience that will be different than other card games.

I mean, I’ve seen a lot of card games that have a lot more play time, more play modes, but this one is different because it’s a really fast paced game.

It takes about five minutes to play.”

Zavampan, a Klamacan native who lives in Spokane, Wash., has worked on the Klamans for over 10 years.

“They’ve been around for a while now, but I think there’s been a few that have been released that are just as popular as the KLMs,” he said.

He has been developing Klamasts for years.

“We wanted to give Klamatas a shot.”

For this first game, Zabampan and his partner were looking for an inexpensive and easy-to-play game.

The game has about five cards, but only needs a few cards for a good story.

The main goal is to build the city and the buildings, but the Klawas are also involved in building the town itself.

“You can have the people, but they have to be willing to give you their loyalty,” Zavamps said.

The players will play with one of the cards from their hand, and then a “favor” is awarded to each player.

“A lot of the stories have to do with a friendship, so it’s about building that friendship,” Zapampan said.

There are two different story lines, and each player gets to choose one or the other.

“The players are going to need to learn how to use the cards to their advantage and how to take advantage of the story and the power that you get out of them,” Zampampan explained.

“You’re going to be building a community out of your cards, and there’s going to come a point in the game where the people have to realize they’re just part of your town and they have a duty to protect you.”

The game will be available in September.

The Klawa Cards have a limited run of 50,000 cards, which will be sold online and at a local gaming store.

The retail version of the game is expected to be available on August 27.

The print version is expected later this year.

Zavamps hopes the Klaws will help revitalize the Klavas, which have suffered under a lack of development for years because of a lack.

“They’re just not that well-established, and we need a new type of community,” he explained.

He said the Klemans have an opportunity to build their community, and he’s hopeful the Klemans will be able to use Klawastan’s story to help inspire others.

“I really like the idea of this town, and I think it would be really great to see that in Klavastans history,” he concluded.