The Mau Card is one of those virtual card games that can take a few hours to master.

But if you can get past the initial hurdle of knowing what each card does, it’s a game that’ll take you far.

Here’s how to play a Mau Card game: You can choose to play on a regular card or a virtual card.

In a regular game, you select a card from your deck, put it in the center of the table and move it to the left or right.

If the card’s the same color as the card you’re moving to, the player who selected that card gets to keep the card.

If there’s a card with a different color from the one you selected, that player must choose another card.

The other players can then choose from the cards they want.

The game continues on in the same manner until a player’s card is dealt.

In the Mau Card, there’s an element of luck involved.

The player who selects a card will receive a chance to play the card next turn, at which point the player can then play a new card from their hand.

But it’s important to keep in mind that if the player has less than three cards in hand, they may end up with fewer cards than their opponent.

So if your deck is empty, you may not be able to choose the right card.

That means the player with the most cards may end in a draw.

To get to the next stage of the game, the players must move the cards to different positions on the table.

At each stage, a player must keep their hand filled, which can include playing a card that has been placed in their deck.

But the card in your hand is not removed from the game unless it’s an active card.

So when you choose a card, you can’t simply put it back into your deck.

Rather, you must choose a different card, which may not fit into your hand at all.

When the player plays a card at this point, they can then discard it.

At that point, the card goes back to the player’s hand, where it can be played again.

Once all of the cards have been played, the game ends and the next player picks a card to take home.

In other words, the best way to play this card game is to keep your hand full.

Mau Card Card is available in both formats.

Mau Cards come in a wide range of prices from $1.99 to $99.99.

The basic version is $2.99, while the full-priced edition costs $3.99 and up.

The Mau Cards are also available on, and Best Buy.