By Matt D’AgostiniA new game called ‘Asshort Cards’ is coming to the Amazon platform, and you can start playing now by downloading the free app.

The app is currently only available in the U.S., but the developers hope to bring the game to other regions soon.

According to Amazon, the app offers a unique combination of card game and social networking features that let users find each other and connect through social media.

The game’s developers hope it can help bridge the digital divide between the genders and create a more open culture for both men and women.

You can start your game by picking a team, assigning cards to each player, and then creating a team with your favorite teammates.

Players can then engage in a series of mini games to try to win the game.

For instance, players can assign cards to themselves, other players, or a random opponent, and the result of the game is the score.

Players win points by having other players lose points, or by winning other players’ cards.

The goal is to gain the most points as you earn the most credits from other players.

“We wanted to create a unique card game experience that people would enjoy,” Jeffery Lee, a partner at Lighthouse Capital Partners, told Bloomberg.

“We want to make it easy to find a team of friends who have similar interests and similar personalities and that kind of fun and community.”

For instance: players can play with a friend’s friend’s buddy, or they can play against a friend.

And unlike some other game genres, the game can be played on multiple devices.

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The card game can only be downloaded on the app store, so it will likely have some bugs.

If you don’t have access to a Kindle Fire, you can also download the free Android version of the app.