A card game for two to four players.

You must make use of the cards in order to play.

A new player is always allowed to take on the roles of any of the Queens cards in the game.

Play starts with a game board.

Each player starts with two Queens cards.

Each Queens card has a different colour, so it is important to remember which Queens card you want to play with.

If you want, you can change the colours of the other Queens cards, which will help you remember which of them you are playing with.

Each of the seven Queens cards has its own effect, so if you want a particular effect, you must take the right Queens card into consideration.

A player can play a Queens card from a deck, or from a stack of Queens cards at once.

To play a card, a player must first place a Queens and a Queens-exclusive card from the Queens-only deck onto the playing surface.

A Queens card must be the first card of the deck and must be played in the correct order.

A deck is an order of Queens-cards, so a Queens deck cannot contain cards that have been played in a different order.

You can also use Queens cards as cards to be played during the game, but you must make sure you don’t use them in the same place twice.

Queens-card combinations can be used to add new cards to the deck or to remove old cards from the deck.

A card can only be played once and cannot be played again.

The Queens-and-Queens-exclusive cards are not used to create any other Queens- or Queens-unlimited-play cards.

The rulebook also contains two Queens-limited-game rules, which can be played with any other game, including Wild Card game.

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How to learn the Queens card rules