This popular card game is a hit and the author says it’s worth the price of admission alone.

“I have bought it a dozen times.

I can’t wait to play it again.”

The popular card-game pyramid card-playing game is being sold in supermarkets and convenience stores across Canada, and it’s already sold out.

“It’s like buying a house,” said Mark Williams, who is running the popular game at a local library.

“You have to buy a house and then buy the land.

And then you’ve got to build your house.”

Williams started the game in 1993 and says he had to hire a lawyer to get it registered with the province.

“They had to get approval from the government to do that,” he said.

Williams is selling the game for $10 to $15 a piece at a popular game store in Toronto.

He says it has sold well.

The game is similar to the popular card ‘Cards Against Humanity’, which is now available online.

Williams says he has been receiving orders from the US for his game.

“We’re seeing the same sales from the states, but it’s a little more of a push.

But I think it’s really well received.”

Williams says he’s not interested in selling the original game to anyone.

“My main interest is in people who want to play the game and learn about it,” he explained.

“The game itself is a very simple concept.

It’s really easy to learn.”

Williams said he will be selling the card game to other people as well, but he’s already received inquiries from some Canadian universities.