It seems fitting that Next Big Gaming has been formed to help us look into the future.

The company’s founder, John Loughridge, is the brains behind the company, and he is a fan of the games industry.

He sees a future in the game industry that will bring a new kind of creativity to the table.

“We’re creating the game of tomorrow.

That’s the vision that we’re looking to achieve.

We’re not just going to be building a game, we’re creating a game that people want to play,” he told me.

Loughridge said that if the future game industry looks something like what it’s doing today, it’s going to need to evolve a lot to keep pace.

He thinks that, like other game companies, we have to learn how to manage risks, and how to create a safe, stable environment for innovation.

“I think the gaming industry is currently being driven by a few very well-funded companies that have made a lot of money off of their IP,” Loughidge said.

“These games are designed to be played and played often.

That creates a lot more stress than it would if the game had been designed for people who don’t have the time or money to develop a game.”

The industry is already taking a look at that, as well.

Last year, Ubisoft and EA released the first major updates to the games of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, as a result of Loughrid’s vision.

That update made a number of changes to the game’s gameplay that allowed players to play a number more of the game at once.

Lougridge said the company is currently looking at the future and wants to be a part of that, but there’s still a lot that needs to be done before that can happen.

“As the industry moves forward, there’s a lot we can do in terms of being more agile, but also in terms in terms being less risk-averse,” Lougridge told me in an interview.

“That’s one of the things we’re focused on now, that being more risk-oriented.”

One of the biggest changes that developers have seen since the release of Syndicate was the introduction of asynchronous multiplayer, which is a feature that has seen a huge influx of interest in the gaming world.

Loughree explained that asynchronous multiplayer can be used to add new gameplay elements and also make the game more fun.

“That’s why I think asynchronous multiplayer is important for us,” he said.

“The biggest benefit of asynchronous is that it can really increase the replayability of a game.

There’s a reason why so many gamers are playing games like Mass Effect: Andromeda.””

We think that multiplayer will become even more prevalent and will be something we will look at again when we look at how we design our games.

We want to have a better experience, to create more fun for our players.”

There are also other improvements in the pipeline that will help developers to make games that players will be able to play on a regular basis.

One of those is the introduction this year of a new feature called a “virtual multiplayer session,” which will allow players to share their gaming sessions across multiple consoles and PC.

Laughing at how long we’ve been waiting for this, I asked Loughrie if the next version of the Assassin’s Cross-Play feature will include a real-time strategy element.

He said that is something that is being discussed right now, but the team is still figuring out how that will work.

“There’s a very good chance that we will introduce some sort of real-world-based strategy elements in the future,” Lachie said.

I asked him about a few other things that we’ve learned from playing the games so far, and what he thinks will happen in the coming months.

Lachy said that he thinks that the next generation of games will see a big jump in graphical fidelity and that the technology will be getting better and better.

Lachie told me that he believes that gamers will see some kind of transition from the current generation of consoles to next generation ones.

“I think in the next couple of years, next-gen consoles will be a little bit more powerful than what you have right now,” he explained.

“Next-gen PCs will be much more powerful, and you’ll see the game running in higher resolutions.”

But what I also think will happen is that a lot [of the new console titles] will run at 60fps or lower.

“Lachies views of the future, which are still pretty fuzzy, are clear.

He believes that, eventually, we’ll see more games that are designed for more people to play, and that will lead to a lot better games and more people coming to play.LACHY: We think that we’ll eventually see more new games that we wouldn’t have seen in the past, like the original Assassin’s Quest.

LACHY is also excited about the possibility of having an online multiplayer experience. Laches