On Tuesday, Politico’s Nick Gass wrote a story titled “Which is the Best Texting Card Game for Millennials?” which is now the subject of heated debate.

Gass’ article focused on a recent study by the mobile game app company AppBrain, which determined that players of the popular game Clash Royale are the most engaged online users.

Gassed up, Gass asked, “If the people who play Clash Royale want to play the game online, which is the game for them?”

To his credit, Gasses article didn’t make it seem like this study was all about Clash Royale and gaming.

He said that while Clash Royale is one of the top-rated apps for iPhone and Android, “there’s plenty of other popular mobile games out there.”

He noted that Clash Royale players have been playing it for more than a year, “which makes it clear that it’s not necessarily the only game that’s in their DNA.”

However, while the app isn’t the only online game that players are playing, it does appear to be a popular game among people who have recently moved online.

While the Clash Royale player population is small, there’s a good chance that some of these players may have been following this trend for quite some time, which could lead to them getting caught up in the hype surrounding the game.

Gasses article also seemed to imply that there’s more to gaming than just the game itself, which in turn could be causing players to get frustrated and upset.

In his piece, GASS said that gamers who play mobile games like Clash Royale may be “not fully equipped to deal with social interactions” because they’re not used to the fact that people will be able to text, and thus they may be too quick to react to such an interaction.

As a result, the players may feel overwhelmed, and may feel less connected with other people.

And, as the game gets more popular, the competition may get tougher.