Disney has confirmed that it will be discontinuing the game called Fortnite after all, in an email to game developers.

“The game was never meant to be an exclusive toy for kids and we know this to be true, so we’re removing it from the market,” said a spokesperson for Disney’s social media team.

In the emails, Disney’s marketing director for games, Jeff Rysch, said that “the game is not being discontinued, but will be replaced by a new, more inclusive game with similar content”.

In a tweet, the spokesperson said: “We are happy to announce we have begun the process of replacing the Fortnites games with a new and improved game.”

The new game will be called Magic Duels, and will be released in 2018.

“We’re also adding an optional bonus game that will be free to all Fortniterates,” the spokesperson added.

In its email, Disney confirmed that “Fortnites” is not the name of the new game, and that the name is actually “The Magic of Magic”.

The new Fortnited card game was announced as a part of the Disney Magic line of products in July 2018.

Its first game was Magic Duets, which launched in September 2018.

Disney’s Magic Duet was developed by Magic Leap.