A brand new version of Man City is finally available in the UK.

The game is called The Mancuos, and is based on the famous footballing club, who won the Champions League with Ronaldo.

The game is a collectible card, with the goal to collect the cards to unlock the next level.

The Mancucos are an action-packed, card-based card game where you take control of one of four teams.

Each player has a set of 6 cards, including the captain, goalkeeper, and attacking midfielder.

These are all based on famous players from the footballing world.

Each team has two or three strikers and one goalkeeper, who will help the team defend the goal or score.

There are 3 levels in the game, the first one is for players with no experience playing cards.

The second is for those who have some experience playing with the cards and are ready to get the ball moving.

The final level is for more experienced players, but is a bit more difficult, and involves many manoeuvring around the field.

The players are presented with different challenges, from the first, to the second, to even the third, and each of these challenges has a different reward.

Players also have to play the game with a friend, but if the player who is playing with a buddy wins, the team will win.

The player who wins the game will earn an emblem, which will be displayed on their card.

The player who gets the highest number of points will also receive a free pack of ManCity cards.

There are also rewards to be earned for winning, like a free trip to the club’s stadium, a free meal or a free ticket to the Champions league.

Here are some screenshots of the game:A video of the gameplay: