Nintendo has released new details on its next major update for the popular Wii U video game console, dubbed “Rage Card Game”.

The announcement is made via a new video from the company, which has previously revealed that Nintendo was working on adding card games to games that were released this year.

The announcement makes the case that we should expect to see “Rampage Card Games” from Nintendo soon, as the game is designed to include a lot of action and action-packed gameplay.

“With the Rage Card Game, Nintendo is taking the action card game genre to a whole new level.

It includes card games from popular franchises, like Marvel, Dungeons & Dragons, and more, all of which are playable in the same way,” Nintendo said.

“Rise of the Triad card game from Disney and Marvel cards in your face.

The card game will also be available on mobile devices in Japan.”

Nintendo also revealed that it’s “working on a full-blown card game for the Wii U”.

“With Rage Card Games, Nintendo wants to create a full card game experience that allows players to create their own cards, customize them, and play with others around the world,” it said.

“Rage Cards is set in a fantasy world, with a strong emphasis on card combat and strategic thinking.

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be adding a full game to the Rage Cards game library next year.”

In addition to adding a card game to its games library, Nintendo also said it was working to make cards in the Rage card game “more fun to play”.

“Our goal with Rage Cards is to make Rage Card games more fun to participate in.

This means we’re working on making the cards in Rage Cards more exciting and more interactive.

This includes the card combat system that’s unique to Rage Cards, the card design system, and the card abilities that affect gameplay.”

Nintendo’s upcoming Rage card games include:Marvels The Gathering cards in actionDisneys The Avengers in the gameMarvels Marvels card gameMarvel Super Heroes in actionThe Marvel Super Heroes card game is coming to Wii U and Android devices in early 2019.