In a new game, the punter will attempt to predict the future by throwing cards that can never be seen.

The winner will be crowned the world’s best punter.

The game, Stupid Card Game, is being developed by the Australian Games Institute and the Australian Punter Association.

The idea came about when the punters of a punter-dominated club in New South Wales were unable to see the world outside their own club walls.

The club was also losing money.

The punters decided to create a game that would allow punters to see how their team fared against each other in an international competition, the World Card Challenge.

The Australian Punters Association (APAA) chief executive, Craig Kelly, said the game was a chance for punters across the country to have fun.

“We really hope that it gets out there and has a positive impact,” he said.

The APAA, which represents more than 1,000 punters in Australia, started a website,, where punters can submit their suggestions for future games.

It also launched a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the project.

It was a small start but Kelly said the APAA would like to see more games such as this developed.

“It really helps to have people to look at what’s going on in the world, and maybe to make up their own minds about whether they’re going to go and play a game or not,” he explained.

The player can select a country from one of four continents.

Players can play against other punters or friends.

The players can also compete against other players, but only with other players.

The aim is to keep the punting game fun, and to encourage the punted to keep their wits about them.

Players have to collect cards from the deck and have to try and predict which cards are going to land in their opponents’ hands.

They can also try and guess which of the cards will go into their opponent’s pocket.

The cards have to be at least four inches long and weigh between 0.3g and 0.6g.

The card game is free to download and play, but the APAAA has also put up a one-off £1,000 prize for the top 10 best punters.

A punter’s chances in the World Championship are dependent on their ability to beat all other punts in their group.

The winners in the group, who also include two other players from the APTA, are awarded a guaranteed place at the World Championships.