Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri has spoken out against the introduction of drinking games in Italy after a new game called “Juventus Card” was introduced in January.

The game involves drinking cards on a table in front of the fans, with the cards placed in order by team captain, while opponents can collect cards from a player’s own deck.

Juventus were recently crowned the Champions League champions and have won seven trophies so far this season.

But Allegri said in an interview with Sky Italia on Sunday that he did not agree with the game.

“We cannot accept such a game,” he said.

“I’m against such games.”

“I would like to have a better discussion with the player, but I’m not able to talk to him,” the coach added.

“For me, it would be better to keep a close eye on the player.

I’m a man who doesn’t drink, but sometimes he’s a bit drunk.”

“The drink game would be a great game to have with the players, and we have to keep our distance from such things.

But we have no control over it.”

Allegri added that he was not against the players taking part in the drinking games, but that he didn’t think they should be forced to partake.

“It’s not a crime.

There are some players who take part in these games.

If they’re not doing it, it wouldn’t be a problem.”

Allegria’s controversial comments came a day after Italian authorities were warned that the introduction to a new drinking game would create an environment where the abuse of the rules could increase.

It is understood that the new game is called “The Juve Card”, after Juventus captain Daniele Pazzini’s nickname.

It will be introduced in the summer, with Allegri confirming that the first game will be played on January 8.

“The rules of the Juve card are quite simple.

The players are not allowed to drink any alcohol or drink more than once during the whole game,” the Italian coach said.

In an interview to Italian radio station L’Italia on Saturday, Allegri also told Sky Italian that he wanted to see an end to the drinking and partying culture in Italy, which he said has contributed to the country’s poor domestic record.

“Italy’s the only European country that does not have a serious problem in terms of alcohol and drinking.

There’s no more football in Italy.

We have nothing to celebrate,” he added.