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What the games are playing on this week’s top card game list

It’s not too early to start thinking about what’s on the top card this week, especially with the big slate of big-name new releases on the horizon.With all that new stuff on the way, it’s tempting to turn to a game that has a proven track record in the genre.We’ll start with
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When games crash… for real

When a friend crashes her computer, or a coworker loses his wallet, you might think of the same game-crashing scenarios that plague us on a daily basis.Unfortunately, games aren’t immune
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What’s going on in your wallet?

An article from the Washington Times has revealed that the US is already in a full-blown economic crisis, with an unemployment rate of 4.7% and a consumer debt burden of
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How to Play Pinochlet’s #AARPCardsCardGame

AARP Cards Card Game: Play a new way to play the Pinochy Card Game!It’s like Pinocho and Pinochi, but for your favorite AARP cards!The game is a great opportunity for kids to learn about and play with some of the most iconic and beloved AARP card games.The game can be played in
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How to beat the shithead card games

A new kind of sex game could be on the horizon.Casino-style card games could soon become popular with fans of hardcore games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.As the popularity of video games has exploded in the last decade, card games are being increasingly used in places like casinos and arcades to
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How to pitch a new card game to your boss

How to play card games with your boss?The answer may depend on whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran.Here’s how you can get started.1.Start with the basicsFirst things first,
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What is the magic of Avalon Card Game?

Here are some of the best ways to get your hands on Avalon Card Games.1.Game on!If you’ve ever been on a plane and wondered how many of the games you

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