Free Cards: Get your free Nintendo game card today!

Free Cards, Inc. is a digital card game that lets players trade cards and collect coins to win coins, tokens, and other cards.Its free-to-play model allows players to play the
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Which card game will get the most erotic attention?

In our previous article, we revealed the most popular card game on Steam.Now, it’s time to answer the question: Which card-game has the most sexy artwork?The answer is Scopa, the

Why Digimon Card Game’s latest iteration is a success

Digimon: The Movie is coming to Nintendo Switch.Digimon World Re:Digitize Me, a collaboration between Digimon and Square Enix, is now on store shelves.Nintendo has also announced that it will be
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Why don’t you use unicorns?

This week, Recode is back with our podcast card game card game.As always, the theme of the episode is “why don’t we use unicorn cards?”.But this time, we’re asking you

Why you should care about the coronavirus vaccine

Vaccine maker Cargill announced today that the US market has seen record-high numbers of children who were fully vaccinated for the vaccine and the company is looking to increase that

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